What are the Best Compact Circular Saw in 2019?

I was using my heavy-sized circular saw which caused severe pain in my arms. My doctor advised me to use a light saw instead of a heavy one. I couldn’t work for about a week which harmed my business a lot and I was looking for the Best compact circular saw as a light-weight companion.

Best compact circular sawFor an urgent solution, I have started researching and found many best light-weight circular saw available in the market. I instantly picked up Rockwell RK3441K Compact Saw from Amazon which saved my business doing my multiple cutting jobs.

I could feel I should help those carpenters who are suffering like me to save their business. Therefore, I could make a list of 8 best compact saws doing deep research so that they can get a solution and find the best one.

Quick Pick

Are you in a great hurry? If yes, here is the top 3 for you.

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Saw Genesis GCS545C Compact Saw Makita SH01ZW 12V
If you are searching a budget-friendly but versatile and enough powerful compact saw, you can purchase this mini saw because it comes with a 5 amp horse power motor of 3500 RPM.

When the budget is not a problem and you need a more powerful and versatile mini saw, then, you should get Genesis GCS545C because the saw has a super powerful motor of 5.8 amp which can speed up to 3500 RPM very quickly.

For getting a super powerful with a long life battery, cordless compact circular saw, then, Makita SH01ZW 12V Max is unparallel one for you because the saw comes with a 12V battery which can rotate up to 1400 RPM. And you can easily complete 70 cuts of 1/2” x 12” with a full charged battery which is rare.
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8 Best Compact Circular Saw Reviews and Comparison 2019

Name Motor RPM Weight Price Review
Rockwell RK3441K 5 amp 3500 5Ibs check price Read review
Genesis GCS545C 5.8 amp 3500 6 Ibs check price Read review
Rockwell Versacut RK3440K 4 amp 3500 4Ibs check price Read review
Makita SH01ZW 12V max Battery 12V 1400 1.5 Ibs check price Read review
Makita SH02R1-12V Battery 12V 1500 10Ibs check price Read review
Genesis GPCS535CK 5.8 amp 4500 I2 Ibs check price Read review
Porter Cable PCE 381K 5.5 amp 3500 6Ibs check price Read review
WORX WORXSAW WX429L 4 amp 3500 5.3Ibs check price Read review


Rockwell RK3441K Compact Saw

It would be wise to get Rockwell RK3441K Compact Saw if you are in an urgent need of a powerful as well as versatile compact saw under a budget to accomplish your small projects easily. It is very comfortable tool to use with so many amazing features.

Features and Benefits

:>  As a compact circular saw with its special ergonomic design, the most outstanding feature with this saw is its 5 amp powerful motor which can rotate up to 3500 PRM. This is very rare with such tiny saw. With this amazing power, this miniature has a great productive skill.

:> Though the saw comes with a very lightweight of 5 Lbs, it has a great capability to reward you very precise and accurate bevel cuts, plunge cuts and also finer 90 degree angle cuts with its very cool and rare feature the laser guide.

:>  Another handy feature of this small circular saw is its blade position on the left side of your drive which will easily allow you a clean sight-line while cutting your material. And with the help of the depth indicator lever, you can easily change or get the depth of the blade without any hassle.

:>  The saw has a 10 feet cord which is very enough to bring you an easy connection to your power source with a comfortable movement around your job site.

:>  The saw is super safe because it has a lock-off switch as a safety measure.  So, you don’t need to be worried about your safety while working with this saw.

:>  Finally, the saw offers you 3 years manufacturer’s warranty and also a 30 days satisfaction guarantee which is really impressive.

  • Powerful and durable.
  • Precise and accurate cutting result.
  • Super safe
  • And 3 years manufacturer’s warranty and also 30 days satisfaction guarantee
  • The thin blade can be bent down while working with heavy work.
  • Uncomfortable for the left hander.

Stop suffering with your big size circular saw; rather purchase the Rockwell Compact circular Saw for easy and comfortable use for any light cutting job.

Genesis GCS545C Compact Saw

Genesis GCS545C Compact Saw is another powerful compact circular saw which is also capable of doing many cutting jobs with its many user friendly features. That’s the reason the saw has already become very popular to the professional carpenters as well as to cabinetmakers and thus one of the top-sellers.

Features and Benefits

:>  The first and most amazing feature that has brought this mini saw a mounting popularity to the professionals as well as the home makers is its 5.8 amp powerful motor with a 3500 PRM incredible speed. Such speed is very rare with such a tiny saw. This increased speed rate has made the saw capable of completing any cutting task in an incredible little time.

:>  This horsepower motor with such miniature saw makes the saw efficient to do many improved and advanced cutting jobs. With a voltage of 120 volts and a power of 700 watts, the triple gear reduction with the saw can produce a high torque while cutting materials.

:>  The saw has also a special quality with which it can cut copper, aluminum and also 2 x materials easily and quickly with its included blade.

:>  Its ergonomic design and very lightweight weighing only 6 pounds have brought the tool a reputation as a maximum comfort provider. You can easily carry the saw wherever you like because it has a soft and firm grip besides its lightweight.

:>  Though the saw comes with a lightweight, the cast aluminum gear box makes this tool very strong and durable like a giant.

:>  You can easily adjust the depth and the bevel control according to your need and wish which is another cool feature with this tool.

:>  The next comfortable feature of this saw is its vacuum adapter and built-in dust port which will keep your cut line dust and debris free to get a super visibility.

  • Powerful, strong and durable.
  • Super visible cutting line.
  • Capability to complete your task in less time.
  • Create excessive noise

If Rockwell RK3441K Compact Saw doesn’t go with you, you can certainly get this powerful miniature tool to do your cutting jobs with a super easy and in an incredible short time.

Rockwell Versacut RK3440K Compact Saw with Laser

Are looking for a powerful compact circular saw that is capable of cutting wood, plywood or particle board, plastic, thin metal, PVC pipe, tiles and concrete? Then, Rockwell RK3440K Versacut Mini Circular Saw with Laser is an unparallel one for you.

Features and Benefits


Besides its 4 amp 120 volt powerful motor with no load speed of 3500 PRM, 3 different blades coming with it has given the saw a capability to cut almost all kinds of materials.

:>  Another amazing feature for which you can invest on the saw is its laser cutting guide that will allow you to cut through your cutting line casting a red line super accurately and precisely.

:>  The saw has another handy feature. Its spring loaded base plate covering the blade will provide you a unique safety. And the easy adjustable depth gauge found on the side of the saw will allow you to determine the depth of cut without any hassle.

:>  The adjustable depth gauge on the side of the saw can be adjusted to set the maximum amount of movement in the plate, determining the depth of cut. Just apply enough pressure to push the plate to reach it to a set point.

:>  And finally this ergonomically designed tool comes with two years completely renewable warranty which ensures that the manufacturer will solve all kinds of problems with the saw without any fee during this time.  

  • Provide precise cutting result.
  • Cut multiple materials.
  • Ability to cut very quickly but accurately.
  • The laser uses battery which runs out very quickly.
  • Uncomfortable for the left hander.

Since the saw has a super ability to cut variety of materials, it can be perfect choice if you are a busy carpenter with different kinds of cuts on variet of materials. Really it’s an interesting tool.

Makita SH01ZW 12V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-3/8″ Circular Saw

What can be the best option for you than Makita SH01ZW 12V when look for a powerful and super quality cordless compact circular saw with long battery life for tackling your home improvement projects. Though the saw’s motor can’t offer you the same RPM of a corded one, its 1400 RPM motor can create enough torque to bring you a fast cut.

Features and Benefits

:>  The most outstanding feature of this mini lightweight (1.5 pounds) cordless saw is its amazing battery life. With a full charge of its 12 V battery, you can easily accomplish 70 cuts of 1/2” x 12” ply-board. It is completely surprising with such a cordless saw.

:>  Its 3-3/8” blade is capable of cutting up to 1” deep of your material. And with the same depth, the saw will allow you to cut at 90 degrees angle but while cutting 45 degrees angle, you have to set the blade’s depth at 5/8”.

:>  You can also get a bevel cut with this saw from 0-45 degrees but for this, you have to tilt the saw base.

  • Amazing battery life.
  • Provide very quick cut
  • Lightweight but super powerful.
  • Expensive.
  • Saw dust bag missing.

For making high-quality furniture and also for outside small projects, certainly you can invest buying this saw.

Makita SH02R1-12V Cordless Circular Saw

If Makita SH01ZW 12V can’t meet up your expectation, then, you can consider Makita SH02 R1 12 V because this miniature is also very powerful cordless tool. It can also cut multiple materials ceaselessly because the saw comes with two 12-volt lithium-ion batteries which will allow you to work with one while charging another one with the provided charger.

Features and Benefits

:>  The 1500 RPM motor which is very powerful with such mini saw is quite capable of bringing you fast and precise cut with its thin 3-3/8” blade.

:>  The saw has also a capability of bevel cut up to 45 degrees cutting variety of materials like ply board, melamine board, pegboard, particle board and drywall.

:>  It is very lightweight and designed with such a good shape that you can easily use it and carry away wherever you like.

:>  There is a dust blower with the saw which will ensure a clear cutting path preventing the dust from getting into the cutting path. So, you can easily cut though your cut line without any hassle.

:>  And the saw comes with 3 years warranty which will make you more confident about the saw and the problem with it.

  • Allowing you to work long time.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Highly portable.
  • And 3 years manufacturer’s warranty and also 30 days satisfaction guarantee
  • Lower RPM than a corded one but can create good torque.
  • No dust post but there is dust blower which ensures clear cut path.

Since there are a few best cordless circular saws in the market, it would be wise to get Makita SH01ZW 12V max or Makita SH02 RI 12 V Max if you need one because makita mini circular saw is the best among the cordless circular saws found in the market.

Genesis GPCS535CK Compact Circular Saw

Genesis GPCS535CK Compact Circular Saw is another best mini circular saw which is enough powerful to accomplish your multiple cutting jobs.The saw comes with a 5.8 amp powerful motor that can rotate up to 4500 RPM. This is the highest with such mini compact saw.

Features and Benefits

:>  The saw includes three types of blades- a carbide tipped blade to cut wood, a 44T HSS blade to cut metal, and a diamond blade to cut tiles which have made the saw a versatile tool.

:>  With the 3 ½ inch sized blade, you can easily cut hardwood, softwood, aluminum, copper and tiles into 1 1/8 inch cutting depth.

:>  Another amazing feature the saw includes is the laser-light cutting guide found on the top of the saw. It will help you to get a supper accurate cut.

:>  Track Runner Miter System is another cool feature with this miniature which will help you to get a precise miter cut.

Though the saw is little bit weighty as it comes with 12 pound, yet, it is highly portable.

  • Cutting variety of materials.
  • Precise cutting result.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • Little bit weighty
  • Expensive.

If you are in demand of a compact saw but versatile and enough powerful to do your multiple cutting jobs, then, Genesis GPCS535CK Compact Circular Saw is the best one for you.

Porter Cable PCE 381K Compact Circular Saw

You can highly consider Porter Cable PCE 381K Compact Circular Saw at your demand to get a mini saw with a powerful motor. This handy mini saw comes with a horse powered 5.5 amp motor which can quickly rotate up to 3500 RPM handling your light to medium duty projects easily.

Features and Benefits


The best feature with this compact saw is on the larger side which is a great thing for those who are with their larger hands to work.

:>  Another impressive feature with this saw is its dust chute which can skillfully blow out the dust of the cut line and blade. It will ensure a clear view over the cutting line so that you can easily handle the cutting job for a precise result.

:>  There is a high quality lower guard with the saw which will ensure your saw’s blade an incredible long life without decreasing its performance.

And finally the saw will bring you a three-year warranty letting you tension free.

  • Clearer cutting line.
  • Incredible long life of the blade
  • Powerful and durable
  • Lacking a laser guide for better precision.

In short, Porter Cable PCE 381K Compact Circular Saw is a great solution for you when you want to deal with your household projects with a handsome as well as powerful mini saw.


Are you still under a tight budget but need to get a compact circular saw containing most of the amazing features? Don’t waste your time looking other option rather consider WORX WORXSAW WX4292 Circular Saw.

Features and Benefits

:>  Especially, this compact saw has a mounting reputation as one of the best circular saws for women because of its compact size and lightweight weighing only 5.3 Ibs.

:>  This handy mini saw comes with a 4.5” blade which can cut through an exceptional cutting depth of 2-inch wood.

:>  Another comfortable feature of this mini tool is its blade’s position found on the left side which allows its users a clear view of the cutting line.

:>  When you are with such a miniature, this saw is great one because it can provide you a bevel cut of 90 degrees angle with a high precision.

:>  Besides the saw has an integrated safety trigger which will ensure you a super control and balance over the saw while cutting your materials with an ease.

:>  And at last, this impressive tool covers a 3 years warranty which is a plus point for you.

  • Super clear view of cutting line
  • Budget friendly.
  • Impressive cutting depth.
  • Less durability.

Truth to be told, getting this mini saw would be a great investment for you if you want to deal with your home improvement projects dealing with lightweight materials.

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Final Verdict

Since you have completed reading this review on the best compact circular saw 2019, now you are wise enough to pick up the right one for you. But from my carpenter experience, I will recommend you Genesis GCS545C Compact Saw if you don’t have any budget problem. But, if you are under a tight budget but looking for a powerful mini saw, then, you should purchase Rockwell RK3441K Compact Saw. And when you want to get a high quality best cordless mini circular saw , Makita SH01ZW 12V is the best of the best.

Where to buy the best one

You can buy your chosen best small circular saw from the market as there are many compact circular saws from many renowned brands found available in the market. But it would be wise to buy from Amazon because you can get the best one researching on Google and with a less price saving you few more dollars than the market.

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