10 Best Table Saw 2019 with Handy Features and Benefits

best table sawYou are going to buy a best table saw. Welcome! I see you are great and wise enough because you are trying to educate yourself googling and reading the article to find out your desired saw. Yes, you are doing the right job as it is not an easy task to find out a great tool because there are many saws available in the market.

Thinking that I have spent a lot of hours doing research and making the list of the TOP 10 best table saw. As you reading the article, certainly it will help you to get your amazing tool.

Top 2 Quick Picks for You

DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw

DEWALT 745 10 Inches

DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Sawis a powerful tool which is very popular to the professionals as a best table saw. Here the saw is for your quick pick because the tool already gained the credibility to the professionals. As an affordable and move-able saw, it will cut your wide ranges of materials

The DEWALT 745 10 Inches is also very popular to the professionals as a best budget table. As a result, the tool has become the number 1 best seller saw credited with 966 customer reviews from Amazon. It proves how popular the saw is to the users. It is affordable, powerful and portable. For this reason, I have put this amazing tool on my quick pick for you.

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Top 10 Best Table Saw Comparison-2019

Since I have gone through deep research to accumulate these TOP 10 picks, I hope, it will certainly help you to find out your best table saw with a great price.

Name Motor RPM Weight Price Review
Bosch GTS1031 15 amp 5000 52Ibs Check price Read review
Dewalt DWE7491RS 15 amp 3850 90 Ibs Check price Read review
Bosch 4100-10 15 amp 3650 60 Ibs Check price Read review
DEWALT 745 15 amp 3850 45 Ibs Check price Read review
DEWALT DWE7480XA 15 amp 4800 45 Ibs Check price Read review
SKIL 3410-02 15 amp 5000 67.5 Ibs Check price Read review
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 15 amp 5300 49 Ibs Check price Read review
Rockwell RK7241S 15 amp 4800 73.6 Ibs Check price Read review
Makita 2705 10-Inch 15 amp 4800 85 Ibs Check price Read review
Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 5000 50.4 Ibs Check price Read review

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031

Bosch is BOSS! Yes, when there comes an issue with the portability and design, saws from the Bosch is the KING. I mean, if you are looking for a highly portable, durable and compact design best table saw, Bosch GTS1031 is a credible option for you. The tool owns so many wonderful features.

Features and Benefits

: } You can’t but be surprised at the motor power of Bosch GTS1031. You don’t need to be worried to tackle the hardwood because the saw owns a 15 amp powerful motor with a 5,000 no-load RPM. Such power is highly capable of dealing with your toughest cut materials.

:  ) What made the saw impressively portable? It is simple because the tool weighs only 52Ibs and comes with an ergonomic soft-grip dual-side handle and the optimized center of gravity. The dual-side handle is designed in such a way that they will make it easier for you to pick the saw into a carrier or the saw stand and set it up.

: ) Though the saw is light, it’s a heavy-duty tool because it is made out of highquality steel. Therefore, it is durable and can perform for a long time.

: ) Its square lock rip fence is cool as it comes with a self-aligning design. It does mean you don’t need to adjust it but it will bring a smooth and consistent cut always letting you glide along the saw rails with  ease.

: ) You will find the saw has an 18 inches rip capacity with its 10 inches 24-tooth carbide table saw blade. It is suitable for medium-larger sheets of material like plywood, hardwoods, flooring, lumber, shelving, and many other cutting applications with a finer accuracy.

: ) The saw also features a Smart Guard with anti-kickback pawls. It will allow you to slide the wood from one direction only, I mean only forward. And riving knife attached to the pawls will give you full control over the saw while cutting your materials ensuring your safety.

: ) Bosch GTS1031 also includes a miter gauge, push stick, and a blade-change wrenche to make your blade change easy.

  • Portable.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • High quality
  • Accurate.
  • Few plastic parts tend to break down.

I declare my recommendation to purchase Bosch GTS1031 for those who are eagerly searching for a heavy-duty monstrous table saw which is lighter and compact.

DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw

If you are thinking to buy a great table saw within your range, Dewalt DWE7491RS is unparallel. It comes with bewitching features and benefits of an advanced table saw.

Features and Benefits

: ) To be a great tool, first of all, the thing that comes to the consideration is its power. Here Dewalt DWE7491RS is superb because it adds a 15 amp powerful motor with 4800 RPM. Therefore, the tool is highly capable of ripping through the hardwood in an incredible short time with ease.

: ) As the saw includes an improved Rack and Pinion Fence System, you will get the fence adjustment smoothly and accurately.

: ) The saw has an impressive 32-1/2 inches rip capacity which will easily cut your huge number of larger shelving and trim materials with super accuracy. Even if you need a narrow rip cut, you can get it easily with the help of the patented material support.

: ) Another cool feature with the saw is its telescoping fence rails. You can effortlessly extend and retract it to get small your cuts precisely.

: ) And you will find the saw can cut into 3-1/8 inches deep when you will try for 90 degrees but at 45 degrees, it will cut into 2-1/4 inches comfortably.

: ) The dust collect port is fantastic. You can easily set it up to connect with a vacuum to keep your job site clean.

: ) Since the rolling stand comes with the large heavy duty wheels, you can spontaneously move the saw around your job site. Even its easy set-up and the folding feature will make its storage relaxing for you.

: ) When you will go for cutting your larger materials, you don’t need to be worried because the saw has a 26-1/4 inches x 22 inches table to support your work piece.

: ) Dewalt offers you a 3-year manufacturer warranty. It’s a happy thing for you as you will feel comfortable within this period because Dewalt will ensure you every help to get a solution if any problem occurs with the saw.

  • Powerful.
  • Move-able around the job site.
  • Easy to set-up and us.
  • Nice dust collection capability
  • Can’t accept a dado blade
  • Little bit noisy motor.

No doubt The Dewalt DWE7491RS is the best table saw. Therefore, it is very popular with the professionals. You can purchase the tool if you need to add a great saw to your workshop.

Bosch 4100-09 Table saw

Bosch 4100-09 is a highly portable, powerful and heavyduty table saw that has also the full right to claim your favor as the best table saw.

Features and Benefits

: ) This amazing tool owns so many cool features. The first thing that draws the attention of all the professionals is the Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand. The stand has a great capability to deliver you a professional rip capacity and outstanding portability when you need.

: ) Bosch 4100-10 is an enormously productive tool because of its 15 amp powerful motor which can generate up to 4HP and rotate at 3650 RPM easily.

: ) I have never found such handy and solid Square Lock Rip Fence, especially with such portable table saw. It’s simply impressive! It’s simply incredible! It has been possible I think because it is made out of machined aluminum with rails. Thus, it will let you slide it up and down smoothly for your accurate and precise cuts.

: ) When you will fabricate a large sheet or wood, its 29 x 21.5 inches table surface will make your cut comfortable with a high-precision.

: ) The rip capacity of the saw is 25 inches which you can get with help of its 10 inches blade. And when you need to change the blade, the arbor lock mechanism will make the change very easy for you.  

: ) You will also notice the saw includes a smart guard system, a blade guard, a riving knife and anti-kickback paws to ensure your super safety.

  • Light and portable.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • Made out of quality materials.
  • The motor can be noisy after using a few years.

You can certainly invest on this heavyduty table saw when you think for the high portability, durability, and quality with your tool at the same time of its affordability.

DEWALT 745 10 Inches

You don’t need to go anywhere as you are going to buy a highly affordable but versatile best budget table saw. Because DEWALT745 is here for your instant pick up. This absolutely portable tool will cut your materials ceaselessly not only in your workshop but also in your outer job project.

Features and Benefits

: ) Very first you can’t but be fascinated getting this amazing saw with its powerful 15 amp high torque motor which will deliver you a no-load speed of 3,850 RPM. So, the saw is entirely capable of cutting your hardwood as well as pressure treated lumber accurately.

: ) As the saw owns an exclusively telescoping rails fence, it can easily bring you a huge 20-inch rip cut precisely and accurately.

: ) In addition, the saw has a nice bevel cut from 0-45 degrees with 3-1/8 inches cutting depth at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees.

: ) The next cool feature with the saw is its versatile Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. With the help of this mechanism, you can easily set-up the tool for a variety of application with a toolfree adjustment.

: ) While the metal roll cage base will make the set up sturdy and durable for your easy and smooth cuts.

: ) And the most comfortable thing for you is that the coated table surface will ensure the friction-free cutting materials. As a result, you will get an improved cut quality across your board.

: ) It is a highly portable tool as it weighs only 45 pounds. It does mean you can effortlessly move the saw in your workshop or carry it to your job site.

: ) The tool has an impressive Dust-collection port which has a super capacity for a simple and fast cleans up with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

: ) DEWALT 745 will also let you enjoy a three-year limited warranty, 1-year free service and surprisingly 90 days money back guaranty exactly from the purchasing date.

  • Affordable.
  • Super light.
  • Highly portable.
  • Plastic made top plate.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch is the best option for your consideration as you are under a limited budget. This wellengineered portable saw may come to you with a pocket-friendly budget but astonishingly without compromising with most of the wonderful features.

DEWALT DWE7480XA 10 inches

DEWALT DWE7480XA 10 in. is a recently launched portable table saw which has already gained huge popularity amid the professionals. It is because of its affordability, mighty power, durability, good fence system besides its high portability.

DEWALT DWE7480XA is the advanced set up of very popular Dewalt745 and a little bit expensive but comes with so many advanced features than Dewal745.

Features and Benefits

: ) Coming with a table saw stand, this amazing tool has rack and pinion telescoping fence rails which will help you to get the fence adjustments quickly, smoothly as well as accurately.

: ) As the saw owns a 15 amp horsepower motor with 4800 RPM, it is highly capable of ripping your hardwood with no load. And here the rip capacity is 24” which can easily cut numerous bigger shelving and trim materials with super accuracy.

: ) Using the 24-tooth carbide blade, you will get an enhanced bevel cut up to 45 degrees.

: ) Its Site-Pro Modular Guarding System is awesome. It will effortlessly allow you for tool free adjustments of the guarding components for your every cut precisely.

: ) Since the saw includes a heavy-duty table saw stand, you will get an excellent steadiness while cutting your material. Thus it will help you to cut comfortably and accurately. Besides the stand is foldable which will allow you easy storage.

: ) Since the saw comes with a metal roll cage base, it will offer you greater durability than the plastic bases while cutting your materials.

: ) The dust port is also handy as it can allow you for 2-1/2 inch vacuum hook up minimizing the cleanup of your workshop.

: ) Purchasing the tool, you will find the saw also includes a miter gauge, a push stick, 10” carbide blade, a blade guard and a hardware bag also.

  • Portable.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use.
  • For professional cutting jobs, the blade needs to be changed.

If you are looking for a highly portable, powerful and pro table saw, DEWALT DWE7480XA is the best option for your consideration.

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

If you are looking for a high quality and powerful table saw but under a friendly budget, SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table saw is the best solution for you.

The tool offers enough power with so many other amazing features for your so many finer cutting results.

Features and Benefits

: ) The thing that will catch your attention very first is the 20 x 26 inch cast aluminum table which is enough sturdy to support your work materials. Even, when you need to deal with your longer work piece, you can easily extend it to 20 x 32 inch to support the material to make your cut easy.

: )  You can effortlessly enjoy finer rip cut through the various kinds of wood as the saw comes with a 15 amp powerful motor with 5000 RPM.

: ) This strong tool comes with a 3-1/2-Inch cut height capacity. So, it can comfortably cut through 4x materials. And when you need to get bevel cut, the saw will effortlessly allow you an impressive bevel angle from 0° to 47° with high precision.

: ) The saw also owns a heavyduty steel folding stand with quick-mount. You can set it up quickly and easily. So, the storage and transportation of the saw are also very easy and convenient because of this steel folding stand.

: ) SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch has a nice EZ view measurement system and self-aligning rip fence. Both features will highly help you to get accurate settings and measurements so that you can get a finer cutting result.

The saw includes a carbide-tooth blade and blade wrenches for your effortless blade set up.

  • Affordable.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • Light.
  • Absence of dust-collecting port.

You can consider this powerful table saw for you because it is highly capable of doing your many serious cuts coming to your workshop with an incredible price.

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is exactly a great opportunity for those who are searching for a powerful saw meeting high portability. Yes, it’s truly a brilliant tool being credited as the first ever brass-geared worm drive table saw coming with so many amazing features.

Features and Benefits

: ) Since the saw features a legendary worm drive gear as I mentioned, you will find the mechanism can provide you maximum power and torque for ripping your materials easily. And here the rip capacity of the saw is 25 inches while cutting your wide variety of materials with an impressive 3-1/2 inches cut depth.

: ) You can confidently cut your materials as the saw owns a strong 15 Amp Dual-Field motor with an increased cutting speed up to 5300 RPM and extended motor life. I mean you can work with the motor for a long time but it will stay cool.

: ) The saw comes with a handy self-aligning rip fence which will easily allow you to adjust for a super accurate bevel cut from 1° to 46°.

: ) Its engrossing lightweight as weighing only 49Ibs makes the saw highly portable and compact. So, you can comfortably carry the tool to your job site when you need and also store it hasslefreely.

: ) SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 also includes a miter gauge, guard system with anti-kickback device, push stick, insert plate, 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade, a wrench to change the blade and a hex wrench.

  • Compact and portable.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • Affordable
  • Accurate.
  • Blade quality could be improved.

You can purchase SKILLSAW SPT70WT-01 if you need a powerful and portable Worm Drive Table Saw which is specifically designed for ripping your materials with finer accuracy.

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

While talking on Rockwell RK7241S, the thing which I want to declare is that if you are extremely in need of an accurate cutting result, this tool is ONLY for you. The saw is highly capable of meeting up your expectation as it features a laser technology for precision as well as a powerful and durable motor.

Features and Benefits

: ) Rockwell RK7241S is a heavyduty and versatile tool which comes with some amazing features. The most impressive feature which has persuaded me to mention here very first is its Laser Guide Technology. Now, you can feel why the saw has a reputation for a very precise and accurate cutting result.

: ) It’s simple as the laser light casts a shadow over the cutting line and adjusts the arrangements automatically to make sure a maximum cutting precision. It also works great when you are with your bevel cut.

: ) The saw may come to you with a common 15 amp motor but you have to remember it is enough powerful to create a no-load speed of 4,800 RPM to cut hardwood and pressure-treated lumber easily. While cutting your softer materials like plywood, it’s needless to mention as it can deal with the toughest materials effortlessly.

: ) While ripping your materials, its capacity is impressive. With its 10-inches blade, the saw has a wonderful 30 inches rip capacity with the brilliant support of the folding fence to the right. If you need to get it to the left, here, its capacity is 11 inches.

: ) And the depth of cut is outstanding as it can cut into 3-9/16 inches at 90° and 2-9/16 inches at 45°.

: ) As the saw comes with a folding trolley stand equipped with the integrated wheels, you can easily transport the tool from your workshop to the job site.

: ) Besides enjoying all the mentioned cool features, owning the tool, you will also enjoy a 2 years limited warranty. Also, a dust collection bag is included to make your dust collection easy and relaxing.

  • Precise and accurate cutting capacity.
  • Powerful and durable.
  • portable.
  • Expandable fence.
  • Plastic parts tend to break down.

You can get this versatile tool if you are under a tight budget but still, need a reliable saw.

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw with Electric Brake

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw is another versatile and powerful tool that is immensely capable of cutting through the dense wood with no load. That’s the reason the tool is rapidly gaining popularity among the serious professionals.

Features and Benefits

: ) The saw is the owner of so many wonderful features. First I have to point out its power. It has a 15 amp powerful motor which can easily rotate up to 4,800 RPM. Guess, this is enough to cut any material you have.

: ) Then I can’t but mention its electric brake because it’s impressive. Just think you have lost the control over the material you are cutting and you need to stop the blade in a twinkle of eyes. The electric brake will allow you to make it happen to ensure your super safety.

: ) Another amazing feature the saw owns is the tool-less modular blade guard system with the adjustable dual side guards. The blade guard mechanism is designed great that it will spontaneously allow you a precise measurement of the cut from the blade to the rip fence.

: ) You will find two independent anti-kickback pawls integrated into the base of the saw and the riving knife also which will access you a through cut of your materials.

: ) Besides, the handy release lever will easily approve you to adjust the riving knife or spreader height into 3 different positions. Thus, it will let you enjoy through, non-through and dado cuts into your materials.

: ) The saw has a larger cutting capacity as it can cut into 3-5/8 inches into your materials at 90° and 2-1/2 inches at 45° with super precision.

: ) Makita 2705 10-Inch also includes a miter gauge, a saw blade, a dado blade, power supply cord, push stick, rip fence and a wrench with storage capacity.

  • Versatile and powerful.
  • High cutting capability.
  • Easy to control
  • Safe.
  • Poor dust collection capability.

If you are looking for a high performing and powerful contractor table saw, I will suggest you invest in Makita 2705 10-Inch. It will certainly honor your investment.

Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw 28461

If you are under a tight budget and searching for a great tool, Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 Inch is another best solution for you. This table saw is great for its price range but it cut’s your materials effortlessly and accurately.

Features and Benefits

: ) Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp is such a powerful tool that will make your daily cutting tasks easy and comfortable. Though the saw is 10 inches in size, it will amazingly cut your materials. It is because of its 15- amp powerful motor and 10 inches, 24 tooth carbide tipped blade.

: )  Its advanced guarding system will allow you a safe use of the saw covering the blade completely.

: ) You can easily adjust the miter gauge which will let you control the tightness of the bevels and corners while getting bevel cut.

: ) There is a handy quick-mount rip fence with the saw. This feature will grant you fast but accurate rip adjustments for a precise cut always. As the saw owns a large 25 x 17 inches steel table and reliable table stand, it will be easy for you to rip the large sheets and hardwood material.

: ) Getting the tool, you will also get a miter gauge; riving knife, push stick and a stand with the package. Also, Craftsman will offer you a 1-year general warranty.

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful.
  • Missing a dust collection port.

Since the budget is the main concern to you, you can get this affordable and portable saw. Don’t worry. It will not hesitate to offer you an impressive cutting performance.

Final Verdict

Hope the article could highly educate and help you because it is written with huge information about the tools. Now you are enough talented to PICK up your awesome saw. But my recommendation is on the TOP 2 quick picks since their capacity and popularity is proved.

still now satisfied ? just go to our next table saw article 

Where from can I buy my best table saw at a great price?

All the saws are available in the market. You can get anyone from the showroom or Menards Stores or Home Depot. Then, you have to pay the company price where there is no possibility to get any DISCOUNT.

But, if you buy from Amazon.com, you will get it with a great price point because Amazon always offers a SALE. I mean a DISCOUNT price. So, buying from Amazon, you can save $30-40 at least.

Moreover, while getting from Amazon, you can purchase your product knowing the users experience with the tool as there are direct customer reviews about the product. So, there is every possibility to get the best product.

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