Best Worm Drive Saw with Brake And Other Cool Features

I could notice many serious professionals who are doing well with their business are using the best worm drive saw instead of a standard or sidewinder saw. I asked them out of my curiosity why they use a worm saw. The answer was simple “We can easily finish a heavyduty woodworking project with best worm drive sawa worm drive circular saw because such saw is more powerful and sustainable.”

Yes, now, I can feel why they are doing great with their business. That’s why I took an initiative to get users’ personal review on best worm drive circular saw from their real-life experience so that those who are looking for a worm drive saw can get the right one.

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Makita 5477NB
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I could collect at least 20 saws’ reviews but here is the…

TOP 5 Best Worm Drive Saw Reviews And Comparison

Name Motor RPM Weight Price Review
SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15 amp 5300 11.6Ibs Check price Read review
DEWALT DWS535 15 amp 4800 13.8Ibs Check price Read review
Makita 5477NB 14 amp 4500 14Ibs Check price Read review
Bosch CSW41 15 amp 5300 13.2Ibs Check price Read review
Makita 5377MG Magnesium 15 amp 4500 13.2Ibs Check price Read review


I asked Michael, a successful carpenter from my own town, about SKILSAW SPT77 WML-01 who was using this tool for his cutting jobs in his workshop.

Wow! It’s an amazing cutting tool!” what was the simple reply from Michael.

Features and Benefits

: ) It could increase my revenue after getting this saw because it is very powerful to accomplish my large project quickly. And I think the saw can do this because of its 15 Amp robust motor which can easily speed up to 5300 RPM creating high torque allowing me to deal with thick lumber.

: ) Another marvelous feature which could make the saw unique to me is its dual copper winding system. Yes, this latest technology can automatically decrease the overall temperature of the saw preventing overheating when I work with it. Therefore, I can deal with my work without any difficulty for a long time.

: ) I find the saw super userfriendly and portable because it is built from magnesium frame with a well-engineering which gives the saw an impressive lightweight weighing only 11.6 Lbs, I think.

: ) Hoom! Another cool feature the Cut-Ready system with the saw allows me to cut without any trouble at the right depth with a precise and accurate result.

Performance of SKILSAW SPT77WML-01

“How does the saw perform with your bevel cut and is it safe?” I asked Michael.

: ) Awesome! in a word. The saw easily allows me a nice bevel cut at 2 3/8 inch deep from 0-45 degrees with its positive stops. Even when I need an angle cut, I can set it without any hassle to cut 90 degrees angle with the provided carbide tipped blade.

: ) And about safety! It is super safe against the kickback because of its welldesigned blades guards. Another excellent thing with the blade guard is that I can effortlessly remove it when I need to increase the speed of my project.

Above all, I can spontaneously use the saw because of its ergonomic handle.

What I like most
  • Affordable
  • High torque
  • Safe from overheating
  • Lightweight but solid.
  • Super safe.
What I don’t like at all
  • Partial rubberized hand grip.

If you are looking for a budgetfriendly but at the same time super powerful and heavy duty worm drive saw to deal with your project easily like me, you can consider SKILSAW SPT77WML-01.

DEWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Saw

John is another professional from my town who is also doing well with his business. While visiting his workshop, I found he and his workers were busy with so many cutting jobs with his two worm drive saws, DEWALT DWS535 and Makita 5477NB.

“Hi John, how are you doing with your worm drive saws?”

Fantastic! My DEWALT DWS535 and Makita 5477NB is my real soldier because they are offering me excellent service with my cutting jobs ceaselessly for the last 2 years.

“Can you review on your saws?”

Why not!

Features and Benefits

: ) DEWALT DWS535 is very powerful to handle my numerous projects with super accuracy, stability and quickly. And I think it has been possible because the saw comes with a 15 amp heroic motor which can provide an immersive amount of power to create a maximum speed up to 4800 RPM.

: ) When I am with my bevel cut, the saw can impressively reach up to 53 degrees which is rare with such models because of their capacity up to 45 degrees. And I find I can work with the saw for a long time without getting tired because of its magnesium components and the lightweight of the saw.

: ) The amazing feature the spindle lock with the saw helps me to change the blade in incredibly short time. It is simply because I can do it just pulling the lever and taking the old one off and then place the new one.

: ) cool thing with the saw is its cord protection system which ensures me a risk-free work time and protects the saw from any damages.

: ) And if I come with the design, I can say the saw is simply well-designed with so many latest features. Therefore the saw is very durable and sturdy.

What I like most
  • Very strong and durable
  • Finer cutting capacity
  • The brake of this saw.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safety measure.
What I don’t like at all
  • Costly
  • Little bit noisy.

“Do you recommend the saw?” I asked John

Of course, I want to recommend the saw for those who want to invest for doing well in their business because of its power to do many cutting jobs without any hassle.

Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw

Makita 5477NB is also my favorite one. The saw comes with a 14 amp powerful motor that can easily reach up to 4500 RPM. And therefore, I can comfortably cut any lumber with super stability and precision using its hypoid system which works through the unique oil bath gear technology.

Features and Benefits

: ) The saw has a cool lower guard design which helps me greatly to get precise narrow and bevel cuts up to 51.5 degrees with two positive stops at 45 and 51.5 degrees.

: ) And when I am with my angle cut, it can cut at 90 degrees angle with 2 3/8 inch cutting depth and 45 degrees with 1 ¾ inch cutting depth.

: ) And the handy push button spindle lock helps me to change its carbide tipped blade faster. It’s a really comfortable thing for me as I am a busy professional.

: ) Though I never look for the design, rather, prefer the power, durability, and performance, I can’t but be amazed at the design of the saw because of its ergonomic features.

: ) Another amazing thing which also helps me extensively is its lightweight (13 Lbs) that has been possible for its magnesium model. It offers me to work with the saw for a long period of time without any muscle strain and fatigue.

: ) And its rubberized hand-grips and impressive lightweight allow me to carry the saw to my outside workforce.

: ) Getting this saw from Amazon, I could enjoy a 30 days trial period and 1-year limited-warranty which offered me a tension free time from any problem with the saw.

What I like most
  • Powerful and durable
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent cutting result
  • Portable.
What I don’t like at all
  • Little bit costly.

If your budget is not a problem and you want to invest in the growth of your business, you can also highly consider this herculean tool as your 2nd worm drive circular saw.

Bosch CSW41- Best Worm Drive Circular Saw

Last year, I got out spending my summer vacation at one of my relatives home in Texas. I found my relative Victor who is a successful professional carpenter was busy with a household project at his workshop. Besides his three other saws, he was using Bosch CSW41- Worm Drive Circular Saw for his cutting purposes.

It was an opportunity for me to get another saw’s review. When asked, what Victor reviewed on the saw is here……

I got this saw to deal my household project because of its enough stability, comfort, and lightweight.

Features and Benefits

: ) The first thing that could impress me a lot is its lightweight because of its magnesium construction but super powerful with a 15 amp strong motor delivering 5300 no-load RPM. It is simply amazing to accomplish my many household projects faster but without any stress on my arms with noticeable stability.

: ) And the second thing with the saw that also claims my favor is its advanced lubrication system which helps the tool to keep its parts and gears in right condition automatically.

: ) The adjustment lever is superb because of its larger size which allows me an easy loosening and tightening of the bevel and depth of cut.

: ) The bevel gauge clearly marked with silver paint and black markings allow me a nice bevel cut from 0-53 degrees with positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees.

: ) The lower blade guard is also fantastic as it functions smoothly. And the anti-snag bump which moves the guard back easing the blade engagement into my work piece fairly when the shoe bevel is increased from 0-53 degrees

: ) Another happy thing for me that reduces the risk of kickbacks is the clutch built in with the blade arbor. It’s praiseworthy! simply praiseworthy! as it ensures my overall safety.

: ) The multi functional blade wrench allows me to change the blade when it is needed in an incredibly short time. It’s a capital advantage, at least for me, because of my business.

: ) The soft hand grip coming with a thick layer of rubber is greatly capable of reducing the amount of vibration while cutting. This is massive ease for me as I am always bored with even a little noise.

What I like most
  • Powerful and durable
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight and portable.
What I don’t like at all
  • Lack of safety measures.

Those who are looking for a powerful and budgetfriendly worm drive circular saw that can work ceaselessly for him, they can highly consider the saw.

“Thank you so much, Victor, for your nice review but I need another saw’s review from a successful professional” I requested my relative. And he took me to another workshop. Here I found Herry who reviewed on….

Makita 5377MG Magnesium 7-1/4 Inch Hypoid Saw

I got this saw because of its impressed windy technology as well as enough power and durability to accomplish my many cutting jobs. And surprisingly the saw has been capable of doing so with its 15 amp horsepower motor that can easily rotate up to 4500 RPM with amazing stability.

The most engrossing thing, especially to me, is its lighter weight because of its magnesium components I think. This cool feature of this saw has made me extensively capable of carrying the saw anywhere I like for my outer job purposes.

The thing that has made the saw unique from others is the addition of a high-quality and heat treated hypoid gearing system that is sealed in a maintenancefree oil bath. And this handy feature, I am sure, has made the saw more powerful than the others.

Features and Benefits

: ) The saw with its 24 teeth ultra-coated framing blade, has a fantastic cutting capacity at 90 degrees with an impressive cutting depth of 2-3/8 inches. And with a bevel cut, it allows me up to 51.5 degrees with positive stops at 22.5, 45, and 51.5 degrees resulting in a finer cut.

: ) The better fit rubber grip makes the saw handling super comfortable and more controlled.

: ) Another great thing with this tool is that if anybody gets dissatisfied with the saw after the purchase, Makita allows the buyer a refund or replacement within 30 days of its purchase. And the saw comes with a 1-year warranty which will ensure a free of defect period.

What I like most
  • Powerful and durable
  • Highly portable
  • Precise cutting result.
  • Comfortable and controlled.
What I don’t like at all
  • A little bit pricey.

If you are looking for a worm drive saw built in windy technology but enough powerful and durable, you can certainly consider Makita 5377MG Magnesium 7-1/4 Inch Hypoid Saw.

“Thanks, Victor for your time”

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Final Verdict

I have collected the direct reviews from the successful professionals so that you can get credible information. Hope, now you are highly capable of finding out your right worm drive circular saw.

But going through the experience of meeting many successful carpenters and from my long professional experience, I could feel if budget is not a problem, DEWALT DWS535 is the best of the best. But if you are under tight budget, first it would be wise to consider SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 and then Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw.

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