How to cut 2×4 with circular saw

How to cut 2x4 with a circular sawAre you struggling to cut a 2×4 with your hand saw manually? It’s totally unnecessary as you have a circular saw. A circular saw is very powerful to cut 2×4 woods much faster and precisely than a hand saw. But you did never cut a 2×4 into your material with your circular saw. Am I right? Don’t worry.

Here I am to help you. Never go anywhere. Just read my simple tips given below on how to cut 2×4 straight with circular saw.

How to cut a 2×4 with a circular saw

Set the depth of cutting blade

1st you should set the depth of the blade. Just unplug the saw and hold the blade against the 2×4 lumber. Then simply adjust the depth until the blade is found ¼ inch below the wood but don’t go for more than 1 inch. When you will get your desired depth, then, tighten the blade.

Keep your wood on your saw stand

Now keep the 2×4 lumber onto your saw stand. It will help you to keep the wood steady and cut comfortably and accurately.

Support the wood from one side

After putting the wood on the stand, support it from one side, not from two sides. It will help you to fall away the cutoff-piece from the secured section. Otherwise, your material will bend down a little bit resulting your circular saw bucking suddenly while reaching at the cutting end if you support the lumber from both sides.

And don’t forget to clamp the part of the wood which is attached to the table continuously. It will help not to get splintering from the wood when you will reach at the cut end and also ensure the blade a contact only with the wood than other things.

Mark a cut line

Now get a cut line with the help of a pencil and scale or straightedge. It will help you to guide your saw without any hassle and get an accurate cutting result.

Enjoy the cut

Place the saw blade at one end of the marked line and cut straight holding the speed square’s fence against the edge of your 2×4 wood. If you find the blade gets changed from the cut line while cutting, just turn off the saw quickly and let the blade stop its rotation.  When you will find the blade in still mode, gently remove the saw from the cut line and reset the cutting direction.

You can also get help from the protractor which will allow you to map out an accurate straight line.

Must need to check

This is important. You must make an inquiry of your saw and saw blade whether they are in good condition or not. Any kind of problem with your saw or saw blade can bring you a poor cutting result, also damaging your wood.

Check the sharpness of the blade because a dull blade will ruin your lumber. Then also supervise if the lower blade guard snaps back in the right position after releasing it so that it can be brought back without any jerk or trouble.

If you are using a cordless circular saw, you must ensure the full charge of the saw’s battery. Otherwise, you will get stuck with your cutting job on the halfway making you unhappy.

Now check the blade’s teeth if there is any cracks or chips removing the blade from the saw. But before doing this, don’t forget to unplug the saw or remove the battery from it. If you find any damage to the blade’s teeth, change it immediately replacing with a new one because it can ruin your material.

Final verdict

Hope now you know everything about how to rip 2×4 with circular saw. As practice makes a man perfect, to become more expert, you can go through some practices which will help you to be skilled more mastering the cutting techniques.

Then enjoy a very accurate and fast straight cut always with your circular saw to make your customers happy.

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