How to Cut a Circle in Wood with a Jigsaw

Are you trying to cut a Circle in wood for the first time? Don’t get scared, we got this handled for you. You just need to follow some instructions. So, here are my some simple tips for you on how to cut a circle in wood with a jigsaw that will make the cut more than easy.

Step by Step Guide of cutting a circle in wood with a jigsaw

A blade is a matter; choose the right blade for your jigsaw:

How to cut a circle in wood with a jigsaw?

The first thing you should do to start your cutting purpose is to select the right blade for your jigsaw. Choose the right blade, the cutting will be easy. If you are going to cut a smaller circle, you should choose a narrow blade but stronger with finer teeth. But in case of cutting a big circle, you should choose a wider blade which will bring you a finer cut.

Take an outline of the circle:

You have already selected a right blade for your cutting purpose. Now you need to make a circle on the wood you are going to cut. You can make the circle in many ways but it will be easy if you have a mold or structure.

But if you don’t have a mold, then you can make the circle by using a compass. You can also draw the circle with the help of a screw or nail, a piece of string and a pencil.

Just push the nail or the screw on the center where you are going to cut. Then tie an end of the string to the nail or screw and the other end with the pencil measuring the radius of the circle you need to cut. Now draw a circle just moving the pencil.

Drill an entry hole:

Now you need to make an entry hole for the blade to start up your cut. Drill a hole a little bit larger than the blade just inside the cutting line. This should be done in such way so that the blade can easily be into the hole you have made.

Insert the blade and start the cut:

Everything is ready. Now insert the jigsaw blade into the starter hole you have created and turn on your jigsaw. Push the blade onward carefully and slowly. Don’t make a hurry at the beginning. Speed up gradually to get an accurate cutting result.

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