How to Cut a Curve in Wood with a Jigsaw?

You know a Jigsaw is an amazing tool as it is expert to cut different kinds of curves on different materials like wood, plastic, ply board, and metal. Cutting a curve on wood with a jigsaw is an easy and simple task. Just you need to follow some simple tips on how to cut a curve in wood with a jigsaw. 

How to Cut a Curve in Wood with a Jigsaw?

Get the right saw blade:

To get a precise curve cutting depends mostly on the right choice of the blade for the cut. You have to select the blade depending on the type of your wood you are going to cut. If you are cutting a small curve on a thin wood, you should get the narrow blade with good teeth but in case of a big curve, you must have a wider blade to get a finer cutting result.

To cut a tight curve, you should select a long and thin blade for a comfortable cut.

Draw the curve: 

After choosing the right blade for your cut, now you should mark a curve exactly on the wood where you are going to cut a curve. You can draw the curve with the help of a plastic template or you can do it with a big compass.

Clamp the wood:

Now the thing you need to do is to place the wood you have drawn the curve on your workbench. Then clamp the wood with the workbench using clamps. You can do it at least from two sides but it is better from three sides to be clamped.

Start the cut:

Now you have everything ready to start you cut. Place the jigsaw at the end from where you are going to cut the curve and turn on the saw. Start a slow cut at the very fast and guide the saw through the mark gradually speeding up your jigsaw keeping your focus on the blade and its movement and get a precise cut.

Some useful tips:

  • For the safety of your eyes, you must wear a protection glass so that the sawdust can’t harm your eyes.
  • If you are using an electric jigsaw, have an extension cord so that you can easily move if you need.
  • Cut slowly. Don’t try too fast as it will heat up your blade and jigsaw which may damage the both.
  • If you need to replace the blade, first switch off your jigsaw, then let it stop completely. Now wear gloves at your hand as the heated blade can harm your hands.
  • Don’t use a dull blade. It will fail to give you a smooth and finer cut.
  • Slow down your jigsaw when you reach your cutting end to avoid the sudden acceleration.

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