How to use a circular saw to cut straight?

How to use a circular saw to cut straight?I could often notice a thing many carpenters especially the new comers can go well with a straight cut when they get a table saw. But they often struggle a lot if they need to do it with their circular saw. However, a straight cut is surprisingly super easy with a circular saw if you can follow some tricks, I can declare from my carpenter experience.

Though a circular saw can’t bring as precise cut as a table saw can do, you will get almost the precise cutting result if you cut your material following the tips I have given below.

Pick up your material and a sawhorse

First of all you should get your right material what you are going to cut and a right sawhorse. A sawhorse is very helpful when you will get a straight cut with your circular saw. If you don’t have a sawhorse, you can simply get few scarp boards. Keep them on the level ground so that they can elevate your cutting material.

Mark a guide line

Take a pencil and long scale to make a mark line where you are going to cut. It will help you to guide your saw though some saws have their own guides but few are missing it.

Cut at your free hand

It is simple. Just take your sawhorse and keep the board onto it. Then, nail down your board with the sawhorse. You can use 4D nails if your board comes with ¾ inch thickness but for 1-1/2 inch, use 8D nails.

Now mark a cut line with your pencil using the long scale or a straightedge. Pick up your saw and cut following the marked line just pressing the saw handle ahead.

Cut using a straightedge and clamps

Now, get a straightedge and few clamps to make a circular saw rip guide. Then, take a measurement of the exact distance between the straightedge and the inside edge of the saw kerf.

This time clamp the straightedge to your cutting material aligning it at the right distance from your cutting line. Thereafter, keep you saw shoe tight and firm to the straightedge.

Set the proper depth of your cut

To cut efficiently, now, you need to set the blade’s depth properly. I mean don’t set the blade too deep. Just unplug the saw and keep the blade alongside the wood or board to determine the depth of the blade.

Then, loosen the depth adjustment lever or knob and extend the blade ¼ below the wood or board just pivoting the base of the saw. Have you got the right depth? If yes, tighten the adjustment lever or knob. Now you are ready to cut.  

Avoid the binding of your saw or any kind of injury

While cutting a ply board, you should be careful with one thing. You must keep your board free so that it can fall or move away when you are at the end of your cutting line. Otherwise, the board will end up binding your saw or it will damage your cutting material. It may also injure you badly.

Use a safety glass

As there is every possibility of splintering while cutting your board, don’t forget to wear a safety glass. Otherwise, it may hurt your eyes severely.

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Final verdict

Though you are new with your circular saw for a straight cut, now, you know all about it. Just follow the above tricks and tips and enjoy a straight cut using your circular saw like an expert. You don’t need to have a table saw to get a precise straight cut result as you own a circular saw like me.

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