How to use a compound miter saw?

How to use a compound miter saw?As a professional carpenter, I have to run many outside projects at a time. Then, I need to hire many onetime spot workers to accomplish my cutting jobs. But, often I face a problem that most of them don’t know how to use a compound miter saw as they are habituated with their regular hand saw.

And this persuaded me to write this article so that those who are new with a compound miter saw find it easy to use.

Pick up the right compound miter saw

One important thing you must do for your accurate and precise cut with your compound miter saw comfortably and easily is to get the right miter saw for your right job. Otherwise, it will end up everything with your cutting jobs making you not very happy.

You know well, for your different kinds of cutting jobs, you will need different sizes or powered compound miter saws. So, when you will go for a project, ask yourself which size or power you need. I mean if you are with a normal or home project, you can accomplish it powerfully with a compound miter saw of 12-15 amp but what about it if your project is a large one?

For your large project, you must have to own a compound miter saw which comes with a higher ampere because it will cost you huge power for your giant project.

Set up your saw stand or table

Once you got your right miter saw, another important thing you should do is to get a right miter saw stand or table and set it in a place where you will enjoy your cut. Cutting your material keeping it on the saw stand will bring you an extra comport because it will allow you to operate the saw smoothly.

Mark a cutting line

Now what you should do for an easy and comfortable cut is to get a marked cutting line and accurate measurement. For this important job, take a pencil and a scale and mark the cut line where you are going to cut accurately.

Once you have completed the marked line, simply place the saw blade where the cut line starts and get a subtle alignment. If you are happy with the received alignment, carefully remove the blade guard and turn on the saw.  But, you should wait until the blade reaches its highest speed. When you will find the saw blade is on the top speed, gently start your cut through your cutting line.

Adjust the angle knob perfectly

If you are in need of an angle cut with your compound miter saw, one thing you should do carefully is to adjust the angle knob for a finer angle cutting result. It is because a tuned adjustment will help you to move the saw according to your wish while cutting your material.

Tips for the angle knob adjustment

It is simple and super easy. First of all, loosen up the blade and match the angle what you desire. When you will get your desired angle, simply lock it up tightly. That’s all and enjoy the cut.

Safety tips

Many times the newcomers in carpenter job can hurt themselves because of their ignorance with the must follow safety measures. But, a few safety measures can save them that are the following:

Wait for the blade stop

Often, I could find many new carpenters doing a mistake which ends up with a severe injury. They abruptly pull out the blade without letting it stop completely and hurt them.

So, don’t pull down the blade until it stops completely. Moreover, you should do it for a smoother cutting finish

Wear a safety glass

You know better, a compound miter saw creates huge dust which can hurt your eyes flying all around the saw. So, don’t forget to wear an eye protection glass to save your eyes.

Helpful tips for your different precise cuts

Bevel cut

Though a bevel cut is very easy and simple, sometimes the new get stuck with it. But, you can enjoy an amazing bevel cut with your compound miter saw. For this, just you need to adjust the depth of your cut and the base plate and then cut through the marked line holding the speed square tight and firm.

Miter cut

Miter cut is also simple with a compound saw. Just place your cutting material in the right angle which you need. Then gently trigger the miter saw blade and cut slowly and comfortably.

Straight cut

For enjoying a smooth straight cut, you need to keep the wood piece or cutting material on the saw stand or miter tray. Then simply place the blade at the cutting start and gently trigger the blade and cut downward.

Angle cut

For your angle cut, just slide the saw’s base square up and pull the trigger of the blade using the slide against the guideline. Then, concentrating on your desired angle cut slowly keeping the base plate in touch with the marked line to get a precise cutting result.

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Final verdict

I am sure now you are expert enough on how to use a compound miter saw after reading this guideline. Just follow the above tips and enjoy an amazing cutting result with your compound miter saw without any injury like an experienced carpenter. Certainly, you will find your customers extremely happy getting a precise cut.

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