How to use a hand saw safely?

Few days ago, one of my new workers got injured while using the hand saw in my workshop. As a professional carpenter, it felt me guilty because I couldn’t teach him how to use a hand saw safely. If I could, he could stay safe.

However, his agony could persuade me to write this article from my long time experience as a carpenter so that no one gets wounded in future.

So, here are my some simple but effective tips on how to use a hand saw safely which will certainly save you from any unwanted injury while using your hand saw.

Pick the right saw

When you are going to cut any material, the first thing you should do for your safety and finer cutting result is to get the right hand saw for the right material. It is because the wrong saw with wrong material will certainly hurt you.

Generally there are two kinds of hand saw for your wood cut: Crosscut Saw and Rip Saw. It will depend on you whether you are going to cut across the grain or against the grain.

If you are going for a cut across the grain of the wood, you must use a crosscut saw to cut safely and comfortably. But, when you need to cut against the grain of the wood, you have to use a ripsaw.

But one thing you should keep in mind when you need to cut a curve precisely on the wood, the Coping Saw will work better here because such a saw comes with a thin metal blade.  

And when you look for a more precise and controlled cut, then, it would be wise for you to get a Backsaw because stiffening metal rib on the edge just opposite the cutting edge is enough powerful to bring you an accurate and subtle cut.

For the plastic cut, you have to pick a Keyhole Saw because its tapered blade can work better here but not the other saws.

Clamp the material

To avoid any kind of unwanted injury and get the best cutting result, the first and finest thing is to clamp your material before starting the cut. It will help you to keep the material steady in your desired place

Mark a cutting line

When you are completely prepared with your right hand saw for your right material, you should make a cut line over the material. Take a measurement where you are going to cut. It will help you to run the saw comfortably without any slippage.

Remember; twice measurement is must before the cut for an accurate result. Then, draw a cutting line where you need to cut which will guide you to get the straight cut without any hassle.

Start the cut

Now gently take the saw and pull it through the cutting line. But before doing it, hold the material with your thumb or finger with a steady pressure so that you can gently run the saw teeth into the wood.

If you are with a crosscut, you should cut with the teeth of the blade close to the handle because it will bring a super control for you.

But when you will cut with your ripsaw, you should start you cut from the furthest portion of the blade for steady cut.

Choose the correct angle

When you will get kerf into your wood, now you should get the right angle for easy and safe cut. If you are with your crosscut, the best angle for you is 45 degrees between the wood and saw. But in case of ripsaw, the right angle is 60 degrees to better cut.

Wear a safety glass

Another must thing you should for the safety of your eyes is to wear the safety glass. It will save your eyes from the sawdust and the splinters flying from cutting material.

Final Verdict

Following the above instructions, you start your cut. From my cutting experience as a carpenter, I can declare, you will stay safe from any kind of injury while cutting with your hand saw.

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