What is a chop saw and how to use it?

A chop saw is a powerful cutting tool that is especially used for a highly precise and accurate square cut by most of the professional carpenters or cabinetmakers. It is also expert to cut straightly in wood. There are also a few types of chop saws which are highly capable of bringing you angle cuts as well as bevel cut.

What is a chop saw and how to use it?When all the cutting features are found in a chop saw, then, it is called a miter saw by the users. Using a chop saw, you can enjoy many amazing benefits from this tool. The first and most powerful capability of this saw is that it can bring you a 1st class precise cutting result. It has also a reputation to cut faster than a circular saw

and sometimes it has the capability to cut metal with its special type’s blade.

That is the reason many cabinetmakers who are increasing their revenue regularly are using presently a chop saw instead of a circular saw.

How to use a chop saw

I could see most of the new carpenters get confused with a chop saw and miter saw thinking it as a circular saw while using because of their similar look. Though they are expert in using a circular saw, they often struggle a lot with their chop saw. For those, here are my some simple but very effective tips on how to use a chop saw.

Get your necessary things and material

To make your cut very easy and simple with your chop saw, very first you should collect all the necessary things and the material you are going to cut. I mean you will need to get your right chop saw, a saw stand, lumber, cutting saw blade, screwdriver, wrench, pencil, straightedge, pliers, tape measure and protractor.

Take a measurement

A successful carpenter always tells his workers ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’. Yes, an amazing cutting result will almost depend on your accurate measurement. So, take your tape measure or the ruler and mark the length what you wish. Also, use the protractor to get the accurate desired angle which will bring you a super cutting result.

Set the fence

While cutting with a chop saw, you need to place your workpiece against the fence. Then turn the handle on the base of the saw and adjust the protractor fence to get a precise cutting angle between the plane of the blade and the plane of the workpiece edge.

Change the blade and get the right one

If you find the blade with your saw is not working well, then change it to get a finer cut. But before changing the blade, don’t forget to unplug the saw from the power source or remove the battery because it can hit you severely. Then remove the old one and install the new one.

Cut your material

Now you are completely ready to cut your wood. Gently, on the power switch and you will find the blade is turning. Then hold your workpiece with one hand firmly against the fence and lowering the blade, push it across the wood with another hand. You will find the saw is cutting nicely but don’t try to move your material while cutting.

Safety Tips

As a saw blade is very powerful and it becomes very hot when it works, there is every possibility to hurt your hands especially your fingers when you will change the blade. So, wear a pair of protective hand gloves when you are using a chop saw for the safety of your hands.

And always keep the hands out of the blade path at least 5-6 inches away.

And you know a saw can create a cloud of dust when it cuts. The dust will hurt your eyes. So, don’t forget to wear protective glass to save your eyes.

Never forget to unplug the saw when you will complete your cutting job and keep the saw away from the children always.

Final verdict

Now you are the master of using your chop saw as you have read the article on what is a chop saw and how to use it? Am I right? Don’t worry. Get the best chop saw from Amazon.com because here you will get it with an affordable price and enjoy your cutting jobs.

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