What is the best drill press ?

Drill presses are powerful tools that can give you precise drilling when you mostly want it. They have been developed by craftsmen who wanted extreme precision to their drilling job while wanting a very stable tool to be placed in their work lab.

The drill press has a special driver where you can easily drill most of the screws and nails. It can also adjust to a mounting mechanism and drill square holes to wooden parts or being used as a spindle sander. A perfect drill press for woodworking will help you to perform your best.

Basic features of the drill press

If you are planning to make simple holes on wood, you can simply use a power drill or a cordless one that can give you exceptional remote abilities. On the other hand, when you want to reach precision perfection or if you have larger holes to be dig then the right tool for you is the drill press.

This tool has a more powerful motor working in higher RMP than the normal hand-operated drill. Additionally, the adjustable height drill press table can give you vertical symmetry of the holes drilled to the wooden parts of your choice.

The working space has been made foldable so that it can fit all possible working places no matter how small and narrow they would be. The LED lights that are applied there gives you more drilling precision than ever before.

There is a single level that helps you elevate the drill. This level has a secure button to stop the drill function when you lose the grip. This is one of the revolutionary changes in the drilling process that has made the drill presses the best and most secure tools to work with.

What kind of care does a drill press need?

Drill press is a rather simple device. Its most valuable parts keep on being the motor. This motor is having brushless function and always works in higher RMP so that drilling is transformed into a simple procedure.

The motor needs constant lubrication. That is why the oiler machine should be always filled up with oil that needs to be replaced several times within a calendar year. This oil has special instructions so that it lubricated the drill base and creates zero friction between the various components of the drill.

In addition, there is the need to open the motor part of the drill and clean up the accumulated dust and debris coming from the drilling. No matter the anti-debris protection the drill press may already have there is a great need to remove all particles that stay onto the motor. This if done in regular times around the year will give more lifetime to the motor and the tool itself.

Finally, there is an anti-rust agent that has to be renewed every couple of years to the external metal parts of the drill press. Since this tool is a rather heavy one, the metal parts cannot be replaced by plastic by no means. That is why the iron cast parts of the body need constant protection from rust and corrosion. This way you can ensure the longevity of the drill press no matter where you decide to place it and work.

Durability of the drill press

Drill presses are usually powerful tools that last for a lifetime when treated right. The most sensitive part of the machine keeps on being the drill head where all the particular work is made. On the other side the body parts of the machine are durable enough to sustain the craftsman body weight as well as the various object placed on the machine to be drilled.

The reality is that the protection of the motor keeps on being your top priority if you want your drill press to be long lived.


Most of the time craftsmen around the world using drill presses are accustomed to maintenance of the body as well as of the motor. The drill presses keep on being powerful and useful tools with extreme remote abilities so that you can move your lab exactly where your work goes.

Make sure you treat your drill press right and it can give you quality results for a lifetime.

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